Art from All Angles Mission Theater

Art From All Angles…

is excited to host a one-night engaging multidisciplinary art festival at the Mission Theater - a showcase of the broad range of expression from our local community. The night will blur the boundaries of art forms, creating a space where every sort of artist can connect with those in different disciplines. Throughout the event, guests will witness live dance & music, watch genre-bending short films, and mingle amid a huge variety of displayed visual and physical arts. This is a show not only for the broader art community, but also its supporters - offering something for everyone, no holds barred!


March 16th, 2019, 6pm to 10 pm


McMenamins Mission Theater


Marrow PDX:

A youth-centered AND youth-driven community space, with a focus on education, the arts, and activism.

Open Signal:

A media arts center focusing on building community through visual media, technology, and social change. Striving to make media production possible for everyone.

Sirens Dance Company:

An all women female dance crew, featuring choreographer Britan Morris. Hosted at StepsPDX.

But, Who Are These People?


Well, we’ll tell you.


Jeremy’s on the far left. He’s the head of the festival.

He likes skateboarding if its not raining, filmmaking, and eating at Robo Taco.


Hannah’s next. She’s a co-producer.

She’s a photographer who specializes in live music and portrait photography. Outside of photos, her days are spent working in production at a creative agency and finding the best happy hours in town.


Sam’s the embarrassed looking one. He’s a co-producer too.

He’s a fan of coolaborators, wanderers, self-proclaimed weirdos, and productive arguing.


And Jill’s on the far right. She’s the designer. She’s pretty good!

Jill likes drinking hot chocolate in the rain, grocery shopping in empty stores late at night, and having good writing days at tea shops.

Press: Art and About PDX (2019)