2019 Event Recap


Jill Petracek | April 16, 2019

It’s been exactly a month since our event. How come it took so long to write the wrap-up post? Don’t social media blogs berate and brainwash us into posting punctually?

We lost a lot of views and likes with our delay, I’m sure. But, what the heck. Here are our thoughts and over abundance of thank you’s. We owe a lot to you all.

A Line Out The Door

A week before the event, we had only sold 26 tickets. Jeremy was nervous. I was grateful I was just the designer, since the looming presence of a birthday party with no RSVPs can feel like you’ll end up eating stale birthday cake for several weeks after your bust of a party.

But Sam and Hannah, the voices of reason, assured him that folks buy their tickets at the door for events like this.

They were right. We delayed the start of the program by nearly an hour to accommodate the line out the door. We sold out, and the night went as well as we could have hoped.



Music and Films


The night started off with a dance performance by Sirens Dance Company with an accompanied music video by Jeremy (Music by: Dare Me by Muddyjean).

Next was the first half of the short films, with an intermission performance by Jumblehead, followed by the second half of the short films. My personal favorite film was Autoplex by Zachary Jones, because it was just weird. He knew narrative comedy techniques, and used them to his advantage while also using the rough 2000’s SIM style animation to make a strong abstract comedy.

Jeremy comes from the skating world, so he naturally involved a short by Shrunken Head Skateboards. I was surprised at how many gleeful faces I saw in the audience while they watched a series of skating tricks recorded with a low-res camcorder. It’s not my world, so I never would have thought to include it.

I think that what was so amazing about this event. It’s in the title, doncha know. “All Angles”. There was something that floated everyone’s boat, and it was even paced enough to give each form its spotlight, but not enough to hog it.

Photo Credit:  Brett King

Photo Credit: Brett King


Our Star Sponsor


MarrowPDX was dope. Not only did they host us for our art-drop off, they also had a pop-up photo booth social experiment. The idea: You take an Instagram pic with the caption “What feeds your heart?” and they tag you in it. Pretty cool!

An example caption: “The feeling of skateboarding with an amazing community is what feeds my heart”

There’s that skateboarding thing again. It sounds like a pretty rad community to be into.



The Art Show


How the heck did they pull off curating an art show? I have no idea, but Sam definitely crashed hard on the green room couch as soon as everyone left.

We also had a lot of help from our friends, screwing in lightbulbs, dealing with low battery drills, and hauling WALLS, like actual WALLS in and out of the Mission Theater.

Jeremy and Sam certainly have a sense of showmanship too. I didn’t even know about the plan to unveil the art with white sheets like we were Hugh Jackman in the Prestige. Except. Without all the dead clones.

We did have a ton of photographs though. We also had a piece called “Mansplaining My Vagina (and vulva, too!)” by Cassandra Walters. I’m gettin pretty uppity with my feminism, so that piece floated my boat hard.

Photo Credit:  Brett King

Photo Credit: Brett King


And a huge hit: Beija Flor’s “A Body At Rest”. Having an interactive piece involving pillows, especially at the end of a long show is highly recommended.

Photo Credit:  Brett King

Photo Credit: Brett King


The Biggest of Thank Yous


If we could highlight everyone, we would. But for the sake of a relatively short article, we’ll wrap it up. Thank you to all of the filmmakers, musicians, dancers, artists, and skaters for making this night killer.

See you all again in future collaborations.


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